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Tech Tips: Title Page

The Title Page is the first thing agents, managers and producers will see before reading your script. Think of your title page as the initial handshake between your script and whomever will be reading the material. The title page won’t make or break ...

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Tech Tips: Collaboration

For many Elton John fans, it’s a well-known fact that when writing a song, the Rocketman and his writing partner Bernie Taupin would retreat to different locations around the world. Bernie would write the lyrics and Elton the music and then they woul...

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Tech Tips: Globally Changing Character Names

Congratulations! You’ve just typed FADE OUT on the first draft of your screenplay. You know there will be re-writing, re-working and the re-hashing of old ideas, but you’ve pushed that boulder to the top of the screenwriting hill and completed a draf...

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Tech Tips: Night Mode

It’s the end of the day, and whether you’re just getting home from work or revisiting the day’s pages, sitting down to get some more writing done is just a part of your daily toil as a writer. After so many nights of opening your laptop and launching...

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Tech Tips: Image Support

Tina Fey once said, “You have to let people see what you wrote.” In its most traditional sense, screenwriting is the art of writing visually so that the work can be translated to the big screen. It’s often said that a good script can be seen before i...

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Tech Tips: Unicode

Final Draft may be the industry standard screenwriting application, but it's not just writers who use it. Producers, animators, and more can use Final Draft’s newest features to have greater control on a story from script to screen.

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Tech Tips: Where Did My Characters Go?


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Tech Tips: Tagging for Writers

Tracking characters: it’s at the forefront of any writer’s mind when writing a script. Whether we’re tracking a character’s emotional arc, their interactions with other characters, or how many times they’ve scratched someone’s name off their kill lis...

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Tech Tips: Boneyard In the Beat Board

Great scripts aren’t written; they’re re-written.

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