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The Bricks of Breaking In: How 'S.W.A.T' Co-Ep Kent Rotherham Found His Voice in the Writers' Room

There are many avenues writers can take on their journey to becoming a television writer. One significant pathway is going the assistant route and working up the ranks to staff.

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Write On: 'Inside Out 2' Co-Writer Dave Holstein

In this episode of Final Draft's Write On podcast, we talk with Dave Holstein, co-writer of the upcoming Disney/Pixar sequel Inside Out 2, which takes us back into the mind of a now teenage Riley as she navigates a whole new crop of personified emoti...

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How Josh Flanagan Found His Screenwriting Calling with Big Break

Josh Flanagan, the Comedy Feature Winner for the 2022 Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Contest, didn’t plan on being a writer. Initially, he wanted to be a director at the University of Texas in Austin’s film school. However, that soon changed w...

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How ‘Colin From Accounts’ Writers Craft a Hilarious TV Pilot

A dog. A nipple. A piece of human poop. This may not sound like a recipe for a great romantic sitcom, but with sizzling natural chemistry between the two leads, Colin From Accounts may be the funniest streaming show.

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5 Reasons You Should Write a Sports Biopic Like 'Clipped'

Clipped is a sports drama that’s been causing quite a buzz.

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4 Things ‘The Acolyte’ Can Teach You About Screenwriting

With 4.8 million views in one day, the latest Star Wars installment, The Acolyte, is Disney’s biggest streaming launch of 2024. And as a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast, I can see why.

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Write On: 'Late Night' Host Seth Meyers

“Just a shout out to everybody who's listening who has ever written a movie. This is a true story –

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Owning the Room: From General Meetings to Pitching on a Project

Writing scripts is just one part of being a professional screenwriter.

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What Is a Set Piece and How To Plan Them in Your Script

To put it in simple terms, a “set piece” is a pivotal scene in a film that serves as a centerpiece of action, emotion, or visual spectacle. These carefully crafted scenes are executed to excite audiences and leave a lasting impact long after they hav...

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