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Why Short Stories Are Better Than Pitches

If there’s one thing I know about screenwriters, they love the process of pitching their movie ideas to industry professionals.

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How To Create Memorable Characters for Your Short Story

Crafting memorable characters is the first step in writing engaging short stories. As the reader, we are choosing to spend a brief period of time inside the head of the main character, going on an emotional ride with them that may bring us a new pers...

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Write On: 'Bridgerton' Showrunner Jess Brownell

“One of the main things I’ve learned from Shonda [Rhimes] is to focus on what you really want to see, yourself, in a season. Not necessarily what should happen. I remember on Scandal, in the writers room, we would craft what we thought were these per...

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5 Screenwriting Insights from a Professional Script Reader

Screenwriting can raise many questions or doubts about whether something is working. While asking your friends to check out your screenplay can be helpful in some ways, having a professional give you feedback can help you create a great, sellable scr...

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Writers' Room Etiquette for Screenwriters

Picture this: somehow, through the ups and downs of showbiz, after many scripts written and not produced, you’ve managed to get staffed on your very first TV show. Congrats! The writers’ room is where TV is born, and while landing a TV writing gig is...

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How Writer Jason Kaleko Got His Foot in the Door With Big Break

In a world filled with countless screenplay competitions, how do you know which ones can have the biggest impact on your writing career? For writer Jason Kaleko, Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Contest was the competition that leveled up his ca...

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Bricks of Breaking In: 'The Flash' Writer Eric Wallace on Adaptability

Known as a go-to writer for genre, showrunner Eric Wallace’s journey into television started as a 6-year-old really into horror movies, Godzilla and Frankenstein. That passion has taken him from fun childhood filmmaking to show running. Wallace recal...

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On-Set Etiquette for Screenwriters

It all starts with the script. But once the script is finished and ready to be turned into a movie, writers can often feel completely cut off from the process. I've heard tales of screenwriters walking down a closed-off street and realizing a film th...

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Write On: 'Challengers' Screenwriter Justin Kuritzkes

“Tennis is an amazing sport to think about a love triangle because it’s so deeply charged erotically," says Justin Kuritzkes, screenwriter for the new film Challengers, starring Zendaya. "Tennis is a game that’s so steeped in repression, but also in ...

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