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3 Final Draft 13 Features You Might've Missed

The latest version of the world’s #1 screenwriting program, Final Draft 13, has been updated to meet the ever-changing needs of screenwriters. With the upgrade are several new features like Writing Goals and Productivity Stats, Emoji support, Typewri...

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How You Can Create the Perfect Environment for Screenwriting

Your environment when screenwriting isn’t often talked about, but it plays an important role in the creative process. From the lighting to the music you are playing, the ambiance of your workspace can foster your imagination and productivity from the...

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The Power of Organization in Screenwriting

There are several benefits of creating a system of organization when outlining and writing a screenplay or pilot: it helps you keep track of all of your scenes, plot points, character arcs, and the overriding themes of your script. Having a system of...

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5 Tips To Making Your Screenplay Look Professional

In a highly competitive marketplace, decisions about a screenplay are made quickly and sometimes even based on a cursory glance. This is why it’s important to make sure your script looks as professional as possible. It’ll not only lead to an easier a...

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Focus Mode & other features we love for screenwriting

You want to write a television or movie script. You’ve got the spark, even the motivation… but creative writing isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, a novice writer doesn’t know where to begin or where to take their story. Even a professional scriptwriter ...

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Storyboarding Tips for Starting a Script

You have a story to tell and maybe even have images in your head. But maybe you’re still learning scriptwriting and when it comes to storyboard creation — which is important if your story is visually driven — you’re still a novice. So, let’s dive int...

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Tech Tips: Sending off some of your screenplay

Every now and then you’ll need to pull a selection of pages out of your full script. Maybe you want a critique solely on Act Two, or a competition is asking for the first 15 pages, or you want to see how the script reads if you start it on page 60. L...

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Tech Tips: Changing the Look Of Your Script

Sometimes you know your screenplay is a screenplay, and sometimes the screenplay tells you it is a stage play or a TV pilot or podcast. The beauty of working in Final Draft is that you can change the formatting rules of your original file rather than...

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Tech Tips: File Management

That feeling when you've lost a file — the sinking, panic-inducing dread — is not something we would wish on anyone. Here in Final Draft Tech Support, we believe that keeping track of your files is a major part of being a successful screenwriter, whi...

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