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5 Tips To Making Your Screenplay Look Professional

In a highly competitive marketplace, decisions about a screenplay are made quickly and sometimes even based on a cursory glance. This is why it’s important to make sure your script looks as professional as possible. It’ll not only lead to an easier a...

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Tech Tips: Speech to Script

Speech to Script in Final Draft 11 & 12: it’s the personal assistant / writing partner / transcriber you’ve always wanted, but never had (or could afford). Taking advantage of Mac’s built-in dictation feature, Speech to Script offers an alternati...

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Focus Mode & other features we love for screenwriting

You want to write a television or movie script. You’ve got the spark, even the motivation… but creative writing isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, a novice writer doesn’t know where to begin or where to take their story. Even a professional scriptwriter ...

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Storyboarding Tips for Starting a Script

You have a story to tell and maybe even have images in your head. But maybe you’re still learning scriptwriting and when it comes to storyboard creation — which is important if your story is visually driven — you’re still a novice. So, let’s dive int...

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Tech Tips: Sending off some of your screenplay

Every now and then you’ll need to pull a selection of pages out of your full script. Maybe you want a critique solely on Act Two, or a competition is asking for the first 15 pages, or you want to see how the script reads if you start it on page 60. L...

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Tech Tips: Changing the Look Of Your Script

Sometimes you know your screenplay is a screenplay, and sometimes the screenplay tells you it is a stage play or a TV pilot or podcast. The beauty of working in Final Draft is that you can change the formatting rules of your original file rather than...

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Tech Tips: File Management

That feeling when you've lost a file — the sinking, panic-inducing dread — is not something we would wish on anyone. Here in Final Draft Tech Support, we believe that keeping track of your files is a major part of being a successful screenwriter, whi...

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Tech Tip: New and Improved ScriptNotes™

Next to the ability to import a PDF, the ScriptNotes™ upgrades just may be tech's new favorite thing about Final Draft 12.

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Tech Tip: Track Changes vs. Revision Mode

To paraphrase Leonardo Da Vinci, a script is never finished; it is either produced or abandoned. In other words, rewriting is going to be a huge part of the process, all the way up until the final cut of your movie is released. While Final Draft has ...

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