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Final Draft 13 Is Here!

January 9, 2024
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Still the industry standard and market leader for screenwriting software, Final Draft is used by 95% of the film and television industry, and with good reason. For over 25 years, Final Draft has continually been updated to meet the ever-changing needs of screenwriters. Final Draft stays in constant communication with professional and aspiring screenwriters alike and has added features based on their most frequent requests.

Explore the NEW Final Draft 13 below.

My Final Draft

With Final Draft 13, customization is at the forefront: as a result, screenwriters can think of it as “My Final Draft.”

Many of the new features — as well as important updates to older features — were designed with user customization in mind. From giving writers different typing and viewing options to various outlining methods, the new features in Final Draft 13 will help personalize and streamline the writing process.

Final Draft 13 Features

Emoji Support

Easily insert emojis into your screenplay just like you would with any keyboard or platform that supports emojis. You can use emojis within numerous features, including script and other views, Beats, ScriptNotes, and Outline Editor previews.


Writing Stats

You can see stats that reflect writing productivity whether it’s writing time, pages added to your script, or overall productivity stats via date, week, month, and year. There’s also the NEW Sprint Timer Stopwatch, which allows you to set a period of time where you can focus on writing as many words as possible.


Navigator 2.0

The Navigator gives you a multi-dimensional view of your script and with the latest version, you can customize the Navigator specifically to your needs: add tabs; edit tab names; rearrange tabs; customize tabs (choose columns) filter individual tabs; export custom tab tables; edit in cells; rearrange rows to update script order; enhanced Characters Tab; assign character voices; choose character highlight colors; rename characters across Beat Board and script by editing names.


Custom Outline Editor

The Outline Editor gives you a bird's eye view of your screenplay structure for high-level outlining and with the latest version, you can also customize the Outline Editor specifically to your needs: add new outline lanes/elements; rename outline lanes/elements; move outline lanes; indent/outdent to change hierarchical levels; change lane elements; remove lanes; see Outline element styles in lane names; and see your outline in the Script lane.



A writer can now have the benefits of a typewriter and screenwriting software in one. When writing in the new Typewriter optionthe words stay fixed to your eye line as the page scrolls out of your view for better ergonomics. You can also choose to underline or frame the words fixed to your eye-line depending on preference.


Custom Color PDFs

You can now customize the look of your PDFs to match the colors of your scripts, including display colors when creating a PDF in themes like Night Mode and Midnight Mode. This can also help writers and filmmakers to create more visually engaging proposals and pitch documents.


Midnight Mode

Take Night Mode to the next level with this new alternative dark gray view theme. Not only does this make your script look really cool, but it also helps reduce eye strain in low light.

FD13 Midnight Mode

Structure Lines

Assign colors to your outline, acts, and sequences in addition to scenes and track them visually in your script. With this new feature you can add colors directly in the script, Navigator, and Outline Editor’s Script lane; see the ranges of your outline, acts, and scenes on the page; hide and show Structure Lines; include Structure Lines when creating PDFs; and send beats to script and preserve their colors.


Still the Industry Standard

In addition to the above enhancements, Final Draft 13 contains all of the features that have made it the industry standard in the film and television industry, including: automatically paginating your script to industry formats; outlining and story planning tools; collaborative writing mode; spelling and grammar checks; easy and safe sharing and backup capability; dozens of templates for screenplays, teleplays, comics, immersive storytelling, graphic novels, and stage plays; and several other writing and editing tools to assist a writer in creating the most professional-looking projects possible.

In addition to its many features, Final Draft 13 also continues to offer updates and technical support to users and the screenwriting community.

The world keeps changing and technology keeps evolving, so it’s important for a writer to have the best screenwriting software available. Final Draft 13 is the latest phase of a story that started 25 years ago when the software forever changed the film and television industry.

Now it’s time to write your story.

And to write it your way.


Learn more about Final Draft 13 here!

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