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Tech Tip: Deleting a Character from the SmartType Menu

May 3, 2018
1 min read time

The SmartType feature is a helpful function designed to streamline the screenwriting process by auto-completing certain elements of your script, including Characters, Character Extensions (VO or O.S.), Scene Intros (Int. or Ext.), Times and Transitions. When the cursor is positioned on a character, scene heading or transitions element, SmartType auto-completes the list while narrowing the choices as you type.

As your script gets written (and re-written), various elements of the script will inevitably change, which leads to a question we often get: “how do I delete an element from the SmartType?” Managing SmartType entries can be done through the SmartType menu, where you can add, modify or remove existing SmartType entries.

A common error that is easily fixed through the SmartType menu is duplicate entries. In this example, the writer has accidentally added the name “TRISG” to the Character SmartType list when the name “TRISH” was intended. The unwanted “TRISG” has replaced “TRISH” as the first “TR” SmartType choice, which impedes the writer’s workflow. Thus, “TRISG” needs to be removed.

Go to Document > SmartType and select the unwanted SmartType item (TRISG) and click Delete. It will now be removed from the SmartType list.

Please note that this process doesn’t remove the unwanted item from the script; to delete an item from the script, use Edit > Find and then delete the text from the script.


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