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Write On: 'The American Society of Magical Negroes' Writer/Director Kobe Libii

March 15, 2024
3 min read time

"When I sat down to start writing it, I sort of like came up with air a couple of hours later with a movie," says writer/director Kobi Libii about the origins of his new satirical comedy, The American Society of Magical Negros. “I think it's kind of beautiful that people don't have a reaction that I recognize because my job is to be really honest, especially about stuff that is that I'm sort of afraid to say.”

Final Draft sat down with the writer/director to talk more about how he created this story about a man who is recruited into a secret society of magical Black people who spend their time making life easier for white people.  The film stars Justin Smith and David Alan Grier and releases into theaters March 15.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about Libii's journey in making The American Society of Magical Negros



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