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Write On: 'Dumb Money' Writers Lauren Schuker Blum & Rebecca Angelo

January 8, 2024
2 min read time

“When we were starting [to write screenplays], we were told, ‘Write your story, write your story, write your story.’  But our story is not that interesting. So, I would say, don't write your story necessarily, write the story that you fall in love with and find the human connection between you and the characters that you are depicting,” says Dumb Money co-writer Rebecca Angelo.

On today’s episode, I talk with writing partners Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo about their recent film Dumb Money, that tells the true story of the Game Stop stock roller coaster ride led by real-life populist hero, Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, played by Paul Dano. Lauren and Rebecca talk about writing the screenplay super quickly because there were at least nine other competing projects in development at the time. It seems everyone in Hollywood wanted to tell this feel-good story that has a happy ending for the common man.

They also tell me about using the structure from sports movies to craft the screenplay, how they employ “radical empathy” will their characters and the importance of adding comedic elements when telling complicated stories.

“You know, we could have made a choice to have this movie be a heavy drama. But it felt like we were able to land some bigger ideas when people are laughing before or after even during those moments,” says Lauren Schuker Blum.

For a deeper dive into their writing process, take a listen to the podcast. 



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