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Owning the Room: From General Meetings to Pitching on a Project

Writing scripts is just one part of being a professional screenwriter.

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Why Short Stories Are Better Than Pitches

If there’s one thing I know about screenwriters, they love the process of pitching their movie ideas to industry professionals.

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‘The L Word: Generation Q’ showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan on voice and making room for everyone to be heard

Marja-Lewis Ryan wears a lot of hats behind the scenes of Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q: creator, showrunner, executive producer, director, screenwriter, advocate, fresh voices champion, and all-around television fangirl.

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Do you have to live in LA to be a Screenwriter?

This is a question that’s commonly asked by many aspiring screenwriters: do you have to live in LA to be a screenwriter? Speaking from my own personal experience, I know you don’t need to live in LA to land your first screenwriting job or sell your f...

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Write On with Big Break Grand Prize Winners Jeff Cassidy and Myles Reid

Since winning the 2018 Big Break Screenwriting Contest, Feature Grand Prize Winner Jeff Cassidy and TV Grand Prize Winner Myles Reid have been busy taking industry meetings with managers, agents, and producers. In this episode of Write On, Cassidy an...

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Creed II Screenwriter Juel Taylor Talks His Big Break, Collaboration and the Importance of Having a ‘Fire Script’

Locking himself in a room for days is not necessarily Juel Taylor’s idea of fun, but for the 31-year-old co-writer of Creed II, it’s what got the job done.

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Playwriting for the Screenwriter II: Submissions & Successes

Photo courtesy of Julieta Cervantes / www.broadway.com So you’ve written a play! You’ve honed your characterization and dialogue, you’ve kept in mind theatre’s technical challenges, and you’ve generated ideas to creatively inspire an audience. Congra...

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Screenwriting Conferences: How to Prepare and Make the Most of Your Experience

When it comes to networking opportunities, few things can beat a good screenwriting conference. The happy hours, the panels, the chance to commiserate with people who understand the existential crisis of changing genres… For many writers, it’s an eve...

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Networking For The Introvert (and The Ambivert): How to “Put Yourself Out There”

Networking is a must. You have to “put yourself out there” to further your screenwriting career, but it’s not always that easy. Cue cold sweats.

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