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Write On: 'Bob Marley: One Love' Writers Terence Winter and Frank E. Flowers

“I think what's unique about this biopic and about Bob [Marley’s] story is that it really wasn't about his ego, it wasn't about him trying to be the biggest star in the world. It was about him connecting with God. I mean, he would smoke weed to kind ...

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Write On: 'Masters of the Air' Co-Executive Producer and Writer John Orloff

“I always go back to theme. Why are you writing this story? What is that final couple of minutes of the movie and what do you want the audience to feel? I kind of always build backward from that in some ways. In a movie, how do I make the 118 minutes...

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Write On: 'Land of Bad' Director/Co-Writer William Eubank

"You want to write stuff you want to see, that's the key. Just write something new something fresh, something interesting," says director and co-writer William Eubank of Land of Bad, the new intense, action-packed movie about a Delta Force team that ...

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Write On: 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves' Showrunner Chad Feehan

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The Bricks of Breaking In: FBI: International Writer Kristina Thomas on Trusting the Process

FBI: International writer Kristina Thomas related her path into writing television to the famous image of a straight line to get you where you need to compare with the reality of a line all balled, jumbled, and twirled around that eventually gets you...

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Write On: 'Miller's Girl' Writer/director Jade Halley Bartlett

“Personally, I think writing is bleeding. It's blood magic. It's very hard to do,” says writer/director Jade Halley Bartlett of the new Southern gothic romance, Miller’s Girl.

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Write On: 'American Fiction' Writer/Director Cord Jefferson

“I think that approaching the grand things through the smallest entryways possible is the best way to go about taking on these massive issues… So yes, this movie is about race and racism and art and who's allowed to make certain kinds of art - these ...

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Write On: 'Dumb Money' Writers Lauren Schuker Blum & Rebecca Angelo

“When we were starting [to write screenplays], we were told, ‘Write your story, write your story, write your story.’ But our story is not that interesting. So, I would say, don't write your story necessarily, write the story that you fall in love wit...

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Write On: 'Blackberry' Writers Matt Johnson & Matthew Miller

Final Draft's Write On Podcast sits down with Blackberry writers Matt Johnson and Matthew Miller to talk about how they wrote this epic story of the rise and fall of the world's first portable email phone machine.

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