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7 Accounts To Follow On TikTok For Screenwriters

Need some bite-size storytelling inspiration? These TikTok accounts are great for aspiring, working, and professional screenwriters who want to continue to grow, get insight into the nitty gritty details of the craft and business, and get motivation ...

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Write Like It’s the Last Thing You’ll Ever Write!

Writing like it’s the last thing you’ll ever write might sound overdramatic to some people, but writing is all about having the right mindset.

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What’s the Best Music to Write To?

Many writers, myself included, write to music for several reasons.

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What Does the Life of a Screenwriter Look Like?

Have you ever wondered: what does the life of a professional screenwriter look like?

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It Might Not Be You: 5 Things That Might Be Affecting Your Writing

Everyone experiences highs and lows with their writing. One day you’re the greatest writer in the world, and the next, you’re the worst writer of all time. It’s easy to blame ourselves when the writing just isn’t coming together on the page the way w...

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What To Do When You’re Lost in Your Script

Nowadays, if you’re out and about and you happen to get lost, it’s pretty easy to find your way. Everyone is just a few clicks away from opening a map and finding directions on their phone.

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10 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block According to Science

If you’ve ever tried to write a script or short story or article or term paper, you’ve no doubt experienced what’s known as “writer’s block” – that somewhat mysterious, maddening condition comparable to an athletic slump, or just a bad day when you c...

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