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Weekend Movie Takeaway: How The Oscars® Is Changing It Up

There can be no overstating the importance of the annual Academy Awards® in determining which scripted narratives become the most talked about in any given year. Ever since the COVID-19 crisis shut down cinemas, the lack of clarity around when they m...

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Todd Mundorff of Arclight Cinemas on the Industry's Future

As theaters and filmmakers face a new normal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the dreamer in all of us (especially those of us writing movies) is likely yearning to head back to a theater to watch a movie on a big screen with friends. Nothing beats the co...

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The Fast Five: Oscar® Winner Brad Bird Takes Over TCM While the ‘Parks and Rec’ Cast Reunites For Charity in One Special Episode

It’s back to business as the entertainment industry adapts to its “new normal” and makes some solid decisions about its immediate future. While network heads sit in their basement offices making tough decisions about what to do with next season’s sch...

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Weekend Movie Takeaway: Streaming in the Time of COVID-19

Streaming services have caused major disruptions to the world of scripted narrative since their inception. But when the realities of the COVID-19 lockdown emerged in mid-March with cinemas shuttering across the country and everyone suddenly realizing...

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2020 Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Rachel Kiner Gives Feedback

While the world awaits a cure for COVID-19, Final Draft is encouraging writers to do what they do best: Write. The Big Break Screenwriting Contest® 2020 is open and accepting submissions at early bird pricing.

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Week 6: Lee Jessup on What Writers CAN Do Now

Lee answers your questions and talks more about what writers CAN be doing during the COVID-19 crisis. This week we focus on the WGA negotiations!

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Fast Five: 'Kimmy Schmidt' & J.J. Abrams

Burned through your streaming watch list and DVR? Thankfully, there are plenty of new options being released, from the interactive return of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and group watch parties, to the quarantine emergence of professional wrestling and ...

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Weekend Movie Takeaway: Social Media is the New Viewer Ratings

The rise of the streaming era is arguably making content more accessible, but it’s also making it more and more difficult to gauge which narratives are breaking through and connecting with audiences. This is in part due to a more nebulous aspect of s...

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Week 5: Lee Jessup On What Writers CAN Do Now

Lee answers your questions and talks more about what writers CAN be doing during the COVID-19 crisis. This week we focus on what to expect during this year's fellowship season.

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