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Carole Kirschner on Making An Impact During Your Fellowship Interviews

Carole Kirschner conducts a mock fellowship interview for our audience, answers their questions, and more!

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Weekend Movie Takeaway: Will the BLM Movement Have a Lasting Impact on Film and TV?

As 2020 continues to shake up modern life in a manner not seen in some time, the business of storytelling is reshaping itself to adjust to the upheaval.

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Fast Five: Learn Tips from TV Writers, Sherlock's Sister Sued, and Cobra Kai goes to Netflix

The industry is in one of its weirdest points in history; one we will eventually look back on and study. But for now it has to keep chugging along and it does so with repertory theater screenings, fall schedules made up of foreign television shows, E...

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North Fork TV Festival Partners with Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for 2nd Annual Science + Tech Script Development Competition

After a successful first year, the fifth annual North Fork TV Festival is partnering with Alfred P. Sloan Foundation again for the second annual science + tech script development competition, which aims to encourage screenwriters to create more reali...

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Weekend Movie Takeaway: Films You Can View to Learn and Engage

In the weeks following George Floyd's murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police, the United States has been taking a long overdue look at the systemic racism at its core. Although screen narrative is obviously not at the center of the discussion,...

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Five Takeaways: New Initiatives to Amplify Black Voices

The world has shifted since the last Five Takeaways was published. George Floyd’s death and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests are changing the political landscape before our eyes. There is a new normal, and imagining returning to the old is ...

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Against All Odds: How a Black Writer from the Bay Area Queried His Way to Being Repped

Should I query? Should I not query? I was told by so many not to, I was told, “No one reads query letters, anymore.”

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Unscripted 5.27.20: This Week in Screenwriting News

Screenwriting career consultant Lee Jessup discusses the online-pitch video that is catching heat, the basics of branding, what you can online, and more.

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Weekend Movie Takeaway: Drive-In Box Office Numbers are In!

As we enter an ambiguously defined period of the COVID-19 crisis—where all the talk surrounding the States “opening up” doesn’t necessarily mean we’re observing “life as we knew it” again—the situation continues to impact screen narrative in a variet...

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