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Confessions of a Screenplay Contest Reader

After you click the final submit button when entering your screenplay into a contest, you might breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ve done everything to get your script ready for a reader to review, judge and provide feedback on your masterpie...

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What Genre Is My Screenplay?

Knowing what film genre you’re writing in is important for several reasons. Whether or not you’re playing into genre conventions or defying them, it’s useful to know what tropes have frequently appeared in certain kinds of films. Also when submitting...

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Rising Through the Ranks: Laura Mannino is pitch perfect

ATX TV Festival’s season 11 pitch competition runner-up Laura Mannino is still riding high after her experience pitching her comedy Bodice Rippers to a panel of studio and network execs during the live competition.

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Big Break: Screenwriting Contest for Career Success

Are you thinking of submitting your TV pilot or screenplay to a screenwriting contest? Before entering, it’s important to know which one is worth your time and money. The Big Break Screenwriting Contest has quickly become one of the most respected co...

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Write On with AFF Script Competition Director Steven DeBose

Austin Film Festival’s Steven DeBose discusses his journey from festival employee to newly appointed script competition director, the culture that defines Austin Film Festival, and the VIP access afforded to all attendees who come prepared for the en...

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Write On with Big Break Grand Prize Winners Jeff Cassidy and Myles Reid

Since winning the 2018 Big Break Screenwriting Contest, Feature Grand Prize Winner Jeff Cassidy and TV Grand Prize Winner Myles Reid have been busy taking industry meetings with managers, agents, and producers. In this episode of Write On, Cassidy an...

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How To Be a Fan Of Your Own Work

It can be hard to separate yourself from your work. You try not to make it personal but, of course, it is. Your writing is the combination of your thoughts, your skills, your life experiences and your passions. To type that first sentence on a blank ...

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The Final Draft/New York Film Academy Fellowship

What happens after you win a screenwriting contest? For far too many writers, not a whole lot. Winners and finalists of the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest have a very good track record for success, but the company wanted to do more to em...

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