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Big Break Screenwriting Contest: The Importance Of A Blind Read

When Lori Crawford sits down to read a script, she is always ready to immerse herself in the unknown world the writer has created. It's a favorite pastime for her, and a part-time job; she has been a reader for the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting...

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From Concept to Congratulations: The Big Break Journey

Todd Goodlett has been “on cloud nine” since finding out that his original script, The Arsonist’s Handbook, was Final Draft’s Big Break 2019 TV Grand Prize Winner. A feat, he says, he once never imagined, and that has already taken him to places of h...

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10 Benefits to Entering Screenwriting Competitions

Spring just around the corner can mean different things to us writers.  On top of opening the windows a little more often, it may mean reexamining how writing resolutions are holding up, selecting a show to spec for your WB Fellowship application, up...

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Write On with Literary Manager & New Big Break Judge Matt Koss

Zero Gravity's Matt Koss is our newest Judge on the Big Break Contest and discusses his role as a development executive, his latest transition into literary management, what he's looking for in a writer and more. 

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Write On with Big Break Grand Prize Feature Winner Steve Anthopoulos

2019 Big Break Grand Prize Feature Winner Steve Anthopoulos discusses his big moment on stage at our awards show, his experience on the grand prize tour, his first success story and more! The 2020 Big Break Contest is now open for submissions! Is thi...

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Write On with Screenwriting Career Coach Lee Jessup

Screenwriting career coach and guru Lee Jessup gives us a crash course on the spec market in the feature and television space, how to achieve authenticity as a writer, and much more. Lee Jessup is also a veteran sponsor of The Big Break Screenwriting...

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Write On with 'The Goldbergs' Staff Writer Aadip Desai

The Goldbergs staff writer Aadip Desai discusses his path to getting hired on the show, what being a staff writer actually means, and the importance of self-care for writers.

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Write On with 2018 Big Break Feature Winner Jeff Cassidy

2018 Big Break feature category winner Jeff Cassidy discusses getting his start as a focus puller in order to learn more about directing, how he eventually transitioned to writing and directing, and why he chose to enter his category-winning script D...

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Career Tips from Screenwriting Career Coach Lee Jessup

For the last 20 years, Lee Jessup has been coaching screenwriters on all elements of a successful career. Brand assessment and strategy, effective networking, crafting a memorable origin story that makes writers shine in a general meeting - Lee discu...

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