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Write On with Big Break Winner Stacie Gancayco-Adlao

Stacie was a Grand Prize Winner in 2020 for her feature film script   Clementine. Big Break Contest Director Kala Guess talks to Stacie about what it was like winning the contest, how her network has expanded since then, and what it takes to get a sc...

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Viral' Screenwriter and Big Break finalist Joe McClean on breaking in and the long game

Screenwriting is one of countless tasks that fall under the "it’s a marathon, not a sprint," analogy. (We all learn the meaning of that analogy through the parable of the tortoise and the hare; the best telling being the Bugs Bunny version, obviously...

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Christopher J. O’Bryant on trading script reads and Twitter handles

Debt collector by day, screenwriter and professional writers champion by night, Christopher J. O’Bryant is a 2019 Academy Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist and 2020 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards finalist. But just add those prestigious cre...

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Write On with Big Break Winner Mira Z. Barnum

Mira won Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest in 2020 for her TV Pilot  Beirut. She talks to Write On about what it takes to win a screenwriting contest: "I personally suffer from perfectionism, but the most important thing is to get [your s...

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Rising Through the Ranks: Jonathan Barger

Jonathan Barger has only been in Los Angeles for six years. Still, since the move he’s optioned an original script, been hired by a production company to do a rewrite, and had a management company attach itself to a feature he co-wrote. It may seem l...

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Big Break Welcomes Newest Judge: Development Exec, Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas, TV executive for MRC Studios, wants a more diverse Hollywood. The TV development manager, who is of South Asian descent, uses his platform to uplift, embolden and champion diverse voices and writers in the industry. It's why he was the p...

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2020 Big Break Screenwriting Contest - Rachel Kiner Gives Feedback

While the world awaits a cure for COVID-19, Final Draft is encouraging writers to do what they do best: Write. The Big Break Screenwriting Contest® 2020 is open and accepting submissions at early bird pricing.

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The Importance of A Diversity Category

Ben Johnson had doubts anyone would ever hear his voice. As a person of color from South Africa, Hollywood and his dreams of being a screenwriter always seemed thousands of miles away in a land far, far away. But his talent and passion were reaffirme...

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Big Break Prize Package Provides Industry Access for Writers

Behind every top screenwriting contest is a group of hardworking individuals tirelessly working to ensure the writers who enter have the best possible experience. Usually, that includes access and exposure to the right people in Hollywood. One of the...

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