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5 Screenwriting Insights from a Professional Script Reader

Screenwriting can raise many questions or doubts about whether something is working. While asking your friends to check out your screenplay can be helpful in some ways, having a professional give you feedback can help you create a great, sellable scr...

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Writers' Room Etiquette for Screenwriters

Picture this: somehow, through the ups and downs of showbiz, after many scripts written and not produced, you’ve managed to get staffed on your very first TV show. Congrats! The writers’ room is where TV is born, and while landing a TV writing gig is...

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The Secret To Writing Good Jokes in a Script

Any comedic writer will tell you there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-placed joke. That’s probably because writing comedy isn’t easy. Just like any other screenplay, a comedic screenplay has to have a well-developed story and three-dimensional...

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How To Create the Suspension of Disbelief in Your Screenplay

Suspension of disbelief is when someone takes a fictional narrative and ignores certain aspects that are unrealistic or implausible. English poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge is often attributed with introducing the concept of "suspension ...

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5 Editing Hacks for Screenwriters

Your script should look as professional as possible, or industry professionals will likely pass on your script after a cursory read. In addition to using screenwriting software like Final Draft that formats your script to industry standards, you shou...

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Final Draft 13

Use what the pros use!

Final Draft 13 - More Tools. More productivity. More progress.

What’s new in Final Draft 13?

feature writing goals and productivity stats


Set goals and get valuable insights to take your work to the next level

feature typewriter


A new typewriter-like view option improves your focus

feature emoji


Craft more realistic onscreen text exchanges and make your notes more emotive

And so much more, thoughtfully designed to help unleash your creativity.

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Final Draft is used by 95% of film and television productions