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Moonshot Initiative Wants To Help You Pitch Your Pilot in Hollywood

Getting into a room to pitch your ideas for a new series is the dream for screenwriters. These meetings are a big part of selling scripts, landing writing assignments, or breaking into writers' rooms in Hollywood, but getting into the room can seem i...

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How To Create the Suspension of Disbelief in Your Screenplay

Suspension of disbelief is when someone takes a fictional narrative and ignores certain aspects that are unrealistic or implausible. English poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge is often attributed with introducing the concept of "suspension ...

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Write On: 'The First Omen' Writers Arkasha Stevenson and Tim Smith

“We had to go back to the ratings board five times. It was a long journey. You have to laugh sometimes because we had some really grotesque imagery in our film. We even have a demon phallus in the film and nobody was worried about that. It was really...

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3 Must-Ask Questions Before You Write a Sellable Script

In my article "Big Story, Small Budget," I wrote about how you should be mindful of production costs when deciding what to write because it’s a major factor in why scripts get bought and produced. Generally speaking, the more cost-effective the proje...

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7 Differences Between Short Stories and Novels

While both short stories and novels share the goal of engaging the reader in dynamic, thought-provoking storytelling, there are several significant differences between the two forms.

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4 Tips to Never Forget Your Protagonist

Your protagonist is the main character of your feature screenplay or television pilot.

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How Writer Alix Reeves Reached New Heights with Big Break

Screenwriting competitions can take your screenwriting career to the next level, just ask Big Break grand prize winner Alix Reeves for her screenplay, QUEENPINS.

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How To Outline Your Short Story

There are many reasons to outline your short story before you write it. Probably the most compelling reason to create an outline is to help you keep the story focused and avoid going on tangents that may not serve the story.

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Never Lose Your Characters Again: Tips for Tracking Character Arcs While Writing

Whether you have one main character or several, tracking their character arcs is not always easy.

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