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7 Accounts To Follow On TikTok For Screenwriters

September 15, 2023
7 min read time

Need some bite-size storytelling inspiration? These TikTok accounts are great for aspiring, working, and professional screenwriters who want to continue to grow, get insight into the nitty gritty details of the craft and business, and get motivation just when you need it most.

7 Accounts To Follow On TikTok For Screenwriters

Michael Jamin

Michael Jamin is a professional screenwriter who has worked on shows like King of The Hill, Wilfred, Rules of Engagement, Maron and more. His screenwriting career has been focused on comedy TV, but he talks about so much more, from the craft to the business.

Jamin’s common format is to answer relevant questions from his followers that can be valuable to anyone and giving detailed answers that always end with a punch. His talent for comedy definitely shows in his TikTok videos.

If you want daily content from a true professional who isn’t afraid to give you the harsh but valuable truth, Michael Jamin is your guy.

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Your Daily Writing Prompt

Your Daily Writing Prompt is exactly what it sounds like. Erik Patterson (content creator) posts creative and unique writing prompts every single day to keep your creative juices flowing and give you motivation when you feel stuck. Though this account isn’t aimed at screenwriters specifically, the prompts are amazing for screenwriters and can even help you generate ideas for your next screenplay.

Latest prompt: “Write about a phone call you will never forget.”

This is a great account to follow because he doesn’t just give you a prompt, he delves into the prompt in detail. He gives examples of where you can go with it and why it’s beneficial to explore, helping you expand your own craft by understanding the psychology behind certain writing practices. He also answers questions from his followers and gives great tips on how to get past writer’s block and stay focused.

If you want to always have a safe place to get inspiration, this is THE account to follow.

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Straw Hat Goofy

Straw Hat Goofy isn’t actually a screenwriting-centric content creator, but he’s the absolute GOAT of movie reviews. He’s even gained a well-deserved reputation as “The Movie Guy.” His content is ideal for screenwriters because he gives great takes on relevant movies and delves into the state of the business, which is valuable if you want to make it in the industry. Knowing the movies coming out right now, how people are reacting to them, and what’s currently happening in the business will only help you in your screenwriting journey.

The really beautiful thing about Straw Hat Goofy’s content is that it’s always rooted in positivity. He always knows how to find the good. Even if a movie disappoints and doesn’t get great reviews, he finds a way to review it with constructive criticism that you can learn from as a screenwriter.

Also, he’s living proof that TikTok can be a powerful medium for screenwriters to use as well. He started his account from scratch and with passion, consistency and authenticity, has been able to build a career for himself and gain the respect of the cinematic world. His passion and journey are a great reminder for screenwriters — for anyone pursuing a creative, difficult career — that success is attainable

Watching his content will definitely cheer you up and give you some motivation in the midst of writer’s block or a rut in general.

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ScreenCraft runs a highly respected screenwriting competition, but the content they post on TikTok focuses on practical advice for beginners and motivation from the greats.

They post interview clips of people like Questin Tarantino, Greta Gerwig, Martin Scorsese, Aaron Sorkin and Sophia Coppola that are relevant for screenwriters specifically. Each clip gives insight into the deeper aspects of the craft, helping unravel what makes the great filmmakers great.

They recently made a series called “How To Write A Script As Simple As Possible” where they cover everything from how to come up with ideas to writing your final draft. Each video offers easy-to-follow advice and actual steps you can take to get started. 

And be on the lookout! They are currently posting great script collections from The Script Lab and showing where you can download the scripts for free. (Reading great scripts is really the best way to learn.)

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Julia Yorks

Julia Yorks is another professional screenwriter whose credits include Strawberry Shortcake, 1Up, Supernatural Academy, Polly Pocket and more. Similar to Michael Jamin, she answers a ton of questions from her followers and gives honest and helpful advice, most of the time focusing on topics that help aspiring screenwriters navigate the business.

Julia has many videos that explore how she broke into the business where she’s not afraid to go into detail, being honest about how hard it actually is. But she doesn’t just focus on the past. She also makes videos updating her audience on what she’s currently going through during this crazy time in the industry. She stays on top of all the current Hollywood updates and gives her own perspective, helping aspiring screenwriters get a better understanding of how things really work in Hollywood.

If you want to follow the journey of a great up-and-coming screenwriter, Julia Yorks is your gal.

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JStoobs (Megan Cruz) has some of the most in-depth movie reviews on any platform. Her tagline: “Serious film opinions from an unserious woman.” This is a great tagline because she is a master at balancing really informative, in-depth takes on movies with the ability to articulate things in a way that anyone can understand.

Again, JStoobs doesn’t focus on screenwriting specifically, but her perspective on cinema is guaranteed to help you grow as a screenwriter and cinema lover. She posts reviews on movies and new TV shows, and gives her own personal takes (sometimes sizzling hot) on all things happening in the business. But she never goes down the negative route, something that can be easy to come across on TikTok, always being respectful of anyone she talks about or any movies and shows she explores. JStoobs is the perfect example of what film criticism looks like in modern times.

If you want to stay informed on all things Hollywood, make sure to give her a follow.

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Screenwriting In LA

Screenwriting In LA (SWILA), run by Kole Lyndon Lee ( that’s me!), is an account that posts daily videos guaranteed to give you true motivation and reminders to never give up. I’m an aspiring screenwriter myself who obsessively watches interviews from the icons of the industry. Every time I watch an interview, I pull out the most insightful clips, the clips that really delve beneath the surface, and post them on TikTok.

Not only do I post clips from the best filmmakers to ever do it, but I post updates on all the things I’m currently learning about the craft as I’m learning them–the good, the bad, and the ugly. My primary focus is to give people a place that helps them remember they are not alone in their journey.

You might’ve never considered TikTok a valuable resource for screenwriting advice, but hopefully, this list has convinced you otherwise. Be sure to check out all of the accounts we mentioned here and do a little exploring on your own to find even more great TikTok creators that can inspire your storytelling.

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