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From Detroit to Park City – A Filmmaker Heads to Sundance for the Second Time

When Qasim Basir reflects upon the time a few years when he watched some of his old movies, his faces brightens up. He recalls the innocence of being in his twenties and roaming around Detroit shooting movies.

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Kajillionaire' Is A Cautionary Tale of the Great American Grift

Miranda July’s long-anticipated new film Kajillionaire opens on a shot of her main characters (a family of Los Angeles grifters) standing in front of a downtown Los Angeles Post Office. At the time July conceived the movie, the USPS was not in danger...

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Write On with Writer-Director Isabella Eklöf

With the support of the Danish Film Institute, Swedish writer-director Isabella Eklöf premiered her feature debut ‘Holiday’ at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Eklöf discusses her creative and development process and her overall career in filmmaking.

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Before You Know It Filmmakers On How To Get Your Passion Project Made

It’s a rare and difficult thing to write, direct, and star in your own film. But that is exactly what Hannah Pearl Utt and Jen Tullock did with their Sundance feature film debut, the comedy Before You Know It. The pair also knows what a tremendous fe...

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How Sundance’s Hala Made Minhal Baig an Honest Storyteller

Minhal Baig is the writer and director of Hala, a movie which, up until its Sundance premiere, she kept secret from her mother.

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The Sunlit Night Screenwriter on the Challenges of Book-to-Screen Adaptation

Rebecca Dinerstein, author of The Sunlit Night, never expected her novel to get published. She never envisioned the book would be made into a movie, and she certainly never thought she would be the one to write the adapted screenplay. “Every phase of...

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Screenwriter Michael Werwie On the Decade It Took To Get His Ted Bundy Biopic Made

Michael Werwie never intended to write a script about Ted Bundy. As he recalls, he was busy writing another screenplay when he decided to procrastinate by picking up a book about the famed American serial killer. Werwie couldn’t put it down. He began...

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Sundance Screenwriters Lab: Eva Vives, Writer-Director of 'All About Nina'

“It was an extraordinary year. The year of Sundance, I call it.”

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Jeremiah Zagar on his Sundance-Winning Film 'We the Animals'

Though Jeremiah Zagar’s adaptation of Justin Torres’ We the Animals made its debut only months ago at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, critics are already praising it.

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