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Why Short Stories Are Better Than Pitches

If there’s one thing I know about screenwriters, they love the process of pitching their movie ideas to industry professionals.

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How To Create Memorable Characters for Your Short Story

Crafting memorable characters is the first step in writing engaging short stories. As the reader, we are choosing to spend a brief period of time inside the head of the main character, going on an emotional ride with them that may bring us a new pers...

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7 Differences Between Short Stories and Novels

While both short stories and novels share the goal of engaging the reader in dynamic, thought-provoking storytelling, there are several significant differences between the two forms.

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How To Outline Your Short Story

There are many reasons to outline your short story before you write it. Probably the most compelling reason to create an outline is to help you keep the story focused and avoid going on tangents that may not serve the story.

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How to Write a Short Story: 7 Elements to Always Remember

Short stories, sometimes called “flash fiction,” are incredibly popular right now. Call it a symptom of our busy lives or our limited ability to focus, but short stories can capture our imagination in a way no other narrative experience can.

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Write On: Writer Chris Hicks Talks Massive Sale of His Short Story 'I Am Not Alone'

“My cardinal rule – the rule that you cannot break is: don't be boring. Because you can have the perfect script that follows every screenplay formatting rule, but if you're boring, it doesn't matter. First and foremost, you’ve got to hook the reader,...

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