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Fellowship Season Prep Part 2: Clarifying Voice

With some fellowships already accepting applications and others about to, we’re doing a mini crash course in exercises that can help prepare you for putting your best foot—or rather pen—forward.

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Fellowship Season Prep Part 1: Mining Memories

Every spring, aspiring TV writers zhuzh up their spec scripts, polish their pilots and brace themselves for fellowship season.

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Women Screenwriters Over 40 Find Their Champion In Meryl Streep and The Writers Lab

Are you a 40+ female with a script you’re dying to develop? Then The Writers Lab is for you. Presented by co-founders Elizabeth Kaiden and Nitza Wilon, along with founder Kyle Stokes, The Lab evolved from a discussion about what’s it’s like to be a w...

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Set Free: Bromont Program Helps the Formerly Incarcerated Tell Their Stories

Mylrell Miner was 15 years old when he was first incarcerated, altogether spending 10 years of his life in prison.

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Write On with AFF Script Competition Director Steven DeBose

Austin Film Festival’s Steven DeBose discusses his journey from festival employee to newly appointed script competition director, the culture that defines Austin Film Festival, and the VIP access afforded to all attendees who come prepared for the en...

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Before You Know It Filmmakers On How To Get Your Passion Project Made

It’s a rare and difficult thing to write, direct, and star in your own film. But that is exactly what Hannah Pearl Utt and Jen Tullock did with their Sundance feature film debut, the comedy Before You Know It. The pair also knows what a tremendous fe...

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The Bricks of Breaking in: Sal Calleros on Mentorship

Mentorship can be vital to a writer looking to break into the industry, but finding a mentor and building a relationship with that person can be challenging.

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Nosotros Youth Program

What is the future of filmmaking? If the Nosotros Youth Program has any say in it, it will look more like inclusion.

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18 Years of the Ghetto Film School

The legacy of the Ghetto Film School (GFS) is one that echoes: Inner-city youth graduate, become leaders and feed the rise of the next generation of artists like themselves.

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