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Write On: 'A Family Affair' Writer Carrie Solomon

“I came up doing improv where failure is the golden standard. And in improv, if you're not failing, you're doing something wrong. I feel really lucky that that was one of my bridges into entertainment and creativity, to have such a loving relationshi...

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Write On: 'Inside Out 2' Co-Writer Dave Holstein

In this episode of Final Draft's Write On podcast, we talk with Dave Holstein, co-writer of the upcoming Disney/Pixar sequel Inside Out 2, which takes us back into the mind of a now teenage Riley as she navigates a whole new crop of personified emoti...

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Write On: 'Late Night' Host Seth Meyers

“Just a shout out to everybody who's listening who has ever written a movie. This is a true story –

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Write On: 'Ezra' Writer Tony Spiridakis

“From Robert De Niro, I learned not to force anything. Not to force your idea of how something should be and then go from there. Not, ‘Oh, this should be funny,’ or ‘Oh, I'm going make you cry.’ That's the wrong thing. You just need to think about th...

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Write On: 'Bridgerton' Showrunner Jess Brownell

“One of the main things I’ve learned from Shonda [Rhimes] is to focus on what you really want to see, yourself, in a season. Not necessarily what should happen. I remember on Scandal, in the writers room, we would craft what we thought were these per...

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Write On: 'Challengers' Screenwriter Justin Kuritzkes

“Tennis is an amazing sport to think about a love triangle because it’s so deeply charged erotically," says Justin Kuritzkes, screenwriter for the new film Challengers, starring Zendaya. "Tennis is a game that’s so steeped in repression, but also in ...

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Write On: 'The First Omen' Writers Arkasha Stevenson and Tim Smith

“We had to go back to the ratings board five times. It was a long journey. You have to laugh sometimes because we had some really grotesque imagery in our film. We even have a demon phallus in the film and nobody was worried about that. It was really...

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Write On: 'The American Society of Magical Negroes' Writer/Director Kobe Libii

"When I sat down to start writing it, I sort of like came up with air a couple of hours later with a movie," says writer/director Kobi Libii about the origins of his new satirical comedy, The American Society of Magical Negros. “I think it's kind of ...

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Write On: WGAeast Mentors Andrew Bergman and Caroline Kaplan and NY Screenwriting Fellowship Mentee Irina Rodriguez

“Just write a story you want to tell and don't try to write something which you think you can sell to somebody because that way is madness. You have to write what you want to write whether it works or not for other people. But if it's not authentic t...

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