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Developing Your Brand, Part II: Combining the Technical and Emotional Aspects of Your Writing

Welcome back to our two-part series on developing your brand! Back in part one, we talked about what a brand is, why you need it, and how to develop the “technical” part of your branding statement. From here, we’ll finish up developing your brand and...

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Unscripted: This Week in Screenwriting News (August 25, 2020)

Screenwriting career consultant Lee Jessup discusses this week's success stories, industry news, online events, and more.

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The Fast Five: DC Creates Its Own Con While Netflix Cancels Shows Thanks to New Covid-Inspired Budget Increases

Writers, networks and studios have all been finding creative ways to connect with fans during quarantine. This has resulted in a new TV series for the writer, a new drive-thru experience for the network, and a new Comic-Con rival for the studio. And ...

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Fear the Pitch... and Do It Anyway

Most screenwriters will tell you that pitching is their least favorite part of the job. Sure, there may be one or two who claim to find the experience fun, but they are most definitely in the minority. What all screenwriters will agree on is that pit...

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The Weekend Movie Takeaway: NBC’s Latest Move Reflects The Diminishing Role of Broadcast Television

As America heads into election season and the ramifications of COVID-19 on the film industry continue to be felt, larger trends in the business of screen narrative are making themselves known, showing 2020 to be a turning point for the industry in mo...

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The Fast Five: The ‘90s Are Back, and So Is That Episode of ‘Black-ish’

Two years after it was pulled from ABC the week it was intended to air, the infamous Black-ish episode that was censored for unknown reasons has finally been made available through Hulu. The show is incredibly tame when looked at through a 2020 lens,...

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Unscripted 8.12.20: This Week in Screenwriting News

Screenwriting career consultant Lee Jessup discusses this week's success stories, industry news, online events, and more. Watch now! 

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The Fast Five: Anti-Trust is the Industry’s Latest Buzz Word and Ben Affleck Makes Movie Headlines Again

The name of the game this week is “anti-trust.” With the abolition of old laws and media consolidation leading to accusations of unfair business practices, anti-trust violations have never been trendier. Ben Affleck is also somewhat trending again ov...

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The Weekend Movie Takeaway: The Emmy Awards Nomination Announcements Signal Hope For Our Narrative Future

When it comes to collectively celebrating the power of mass narrative, the Oscars® and the Emmy® Awards are arguably the two highest-profile events of the year. While the 2020 Oscars managed to come and go a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit...

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