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What Kind of Writer Are You? Plotters, Pantsers and Plantsers

Every writer has their own style when it comes to finding inspiration for a story, plotting out the beginning, middle and end, then sitting down and actually writing it (the hard part!). There are three fun terms used in the writing community to iden...

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Write Like It’s the Last Thing You’ll Ever Write!

Writing like it’s the last thing you’ll ever write might sound overdramatic to some people, but writing is all about having the right mindset.

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What is a Plot Twist?

Warning: There are plot twist movie spoilers in this article. A great movie employs a number of ways to hook an audience and keep them emotionally invested in the story for the duration of the film. Sometimes it’s a greatly empathetic character, like...

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It Might Not Be You: 5 Things That Might Be Affecting Your Writing

Everyone experiences highs and lows with their writing. One day you’re the greatest writer in the world, and the next, you’re the worst writer of all time. It’s easy to blame ourselves when the writing just isn’t coming together on the page the way w...

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How Using Clichés Can Actually Elevate Your Writing

When writers hear the word “cliché,” they often cringe because they associate clichés with stories and characters that have been played to death. Corrupt cop: seen it. Prostitute with a heart of gold: seen it. Dumb jock: seen it. But what if I told y...

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What To Do When You’re Lost in Your Script

Nowadays, if you’re out and about and you happen to get lost, it’s pretty easy to find your way. Everyone is just a few clicks away from opening a map and finding directions on their phone.

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What is a Subplot?

You've almost certainly heard the term "A story." This self-evidently means the main plot of a movie or TV show. The one the logline is about. That protagonist who wants something and the major obstacles, etc. etc. etc.

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