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Big Break Top 3 Finalist Joe Taylor: How Performing Standup Comedy Helps My Writing

About ten years ago I wrote my first screenplay with my roommates. It wasn’t great, but I was hooked and wanted to get better. I took classes, read books and did everything I could think of to learn the craft of screenwriting. I also started writing ...

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Our Big Break Was Exactly That...

Let me start by saying, I was late writing this blog. Not because it isn’t important to me, because it very much is, and I have so many great things to say about my experience with the Final Draft Big Break contest. Instead, I was late writing this b...

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"Making it" Means Making Magic

I don't know why you got into the business of writing, of grasping at words to explain the images in your brain, and editing within an inch of your life. For most, it's a kind of call, a transcendent purpose. Otherwise, who would chose to subject the...

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Pursuing Your Passion and Paying the Rent

It’s a well-known struggle: finding a way to pursue your dreams while still managing to pay the rent. Writer Andrew Lee, winner of the Big Break Half-Hour Comedy category for his Brooklyn Nine-Nine spec, knows this tension too. Though he always wante...

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Big Break TV Winner Eric Buchman's Tips on Contest Entry

Meet Eric Buchman. By day, he’s the Script Coordinator for the hit NBC show Blindspot. By night, Buchman writes his own spec scripts, and dreams of one day hiring his own Script Coordinator to run a show he has created. Now that Buchman is the TV Gra...

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Big Break Comedy Writer Adi Blotman Lays It Out

Adi Blotman, whose script, Realty Check, won the Final Draft Big Break Comedy/Romantic Comedy category, gets real about writing flawed characters and combining genres.

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Big Break Finalist Christina Eliopolous, writer "King of Florida"

Christina Eliopolous is no stranger to the industry.  After graduating from NYU, she’s worked as a copywriter, and written and directed a number of films, including some of her own, and some for a number of nonprofit organizations. “I actually learne...

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Big Break Finalist Robert Garrett, writer of Thriller/Horror "Babygirl"

Final Draft spoke with Big Break Finalist, Robert Garret, about his new thriler/horror, "Babygirl." 

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How I Got My 1st Network TV Writing Job

There are more brain surgeons then there are professional television writers. I don’t know if that’s actually a true statement but it’s something I tell people and it sure does feel true. When I was 17 years old, in my mind, I decided to become a pro...

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